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  Stained Glass


Our specialty is stained glass panels. The staining operation is carried out in our factory so there is no limit to the choice of designs available. The following examples are just a sample of shapes and sizes available, please contact us for information on the full range.

Installation can be limited to just the fan lights in your windows and top lights in your doors or can be extended to every window in your home. This will add colour and warmth to your rooms and provide an attractive appearance from outside.

Adding Stained glass, Bevelled glass or a combination of both to your door adds an attractive feature to the entrance of your home.

Remember your front door is the first thing that visitors to your home will see. First impressions count.

Bevelled glass windows are assembled using shaped and polished glass facets. These facets are manufactured by hand. They are then bonded to the glass using an optically clear resin.

The three dimensional effect of Bevelled glass windows will catch and reflect natural light throughout your home.






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